This web site is run by the “60-80 Holden Enthusiasts’ Club Incorporated”.

The Club is located in Victoria, Australia.

The purposes of the club, as defined within the Associations Incorporations Reform Act 2012, are:

  • The 60-80 Holden Enthusiasts’ Club Inc. aims to promote the awareness and appreciation of Holden vehicles manufactured between January 1st 1948 and 31st December 1984.
  • The 60-80 Holden Enthusiasts’ Club Inc. also promotes a friendly and social atmosphere with members required to adhere to the club rules and policies sanctioned by the membership.  All members have the right to an equal say and age shall not form the basis of refusal to join the club.
  • The 60-80 Holden Enthusiasts’ Club will not enter into any form of slander towards other clubs and members should wherever possible, promote relationships with members of other clubs
  • All attempts are made to ensure costs are kept to a minimum to allow access to club events for all members.