The Club has three mechanisms to communicate with members.

The Facebook group

The Facebook group is administered and moderated by Damion Lyon, Crista Lyon and Cindy Taylor.

Its purpose allows for social interaction by club members with each other around a holden theme.  Comments, photos, stories and interaction is not officially moderated or approved by the club.

Only club members and their partners should have access to this group.

The 6080HoldenClub@Gmail account

Used to issues bulk emails to general members.  Also used in a number of direct contacts.  Email account is managed by Damion Lyon, with Andrew McLean using it for Newsletter distribution.

The website.

Administered by James Constable and Damion Lyon.  Contact is via the email

Logon’s are for Club Members only.  Audited in September each year.

Is used to provide Static information in the form of:

  • content to members,
  • a repository of newsletters
  • photographs of Club runs and cars
  • Information to entice new members
  • Club Policies
  • Club Memorabilia